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Pug Care Spa Makeover Kids Game

About This Project

Icon_03-500x500Who’s ready for the cutest pug on the planet? Get ready to experience Care, DressUp & Bathe with Adorable Puppies in the amazing pug game.

Product Description

Hi everyone, welcome to SKigames pug pet doctor kids and girls game. This time you will become the pet doctor, and cure some unusual patients( pug breed of Dog), they are our 4 cute pet babies of Pug Dog —– These lovely pet babies encountered something terrible got hurt while playing are very dirty, and need the pet doctor’s help quickly, and you are just the one we need!!!

In this app —- you become Pet Doctor, you can use many different kinds of medical instruments to treat the pet babies’ illness. Here you can do all the following things to them,First clean theme give them a shower find the ticks on their body and then clean their teeth also you can do things such as taking body temperature, infusing, measuring blood pressure, taking X-ray picture, putting ice packs and so on but also can take advantage of many toys to make them happy. No matter in the treatment process or finish treating, please don’t forget to take a snapshot for the cute pet baby!
Therefore, if you really feel interested and excited about such a hospital game related to pet babies, please do not hesitate any more, join our amazing pug pet doctor, and enjoy the experience of being a professional pet doctor (pet Vet)!!!

How To Play:
Open Pet Doctor, choose a little pet baby you like to start the game. At the bottom of the screen, you can choose different medical instruments to treat the pet baby, such as dragging the cotton swab to clean the wounds, dragging the tweezers to remove the wood splinters, dragging the X-ray machine onto the patient to find out the fracture parts, dragging the band-aid to cover the patient’s scatches, and dragging the ice packs to the patient’s forehead to lower the temperature, etc. Meanwhile, the band-aid, ice packs, infusion bottle have many different styles to choose. After all these treating process, you can take a snapshot for your healthy pet baby!
How to Setup and Reskin

Why you should buy this Full Game ?

because it includes features better than the other splish splash pong game template
it has the famous network advertising (AdMob, RevMob, Chartboost, AppoDeal, Vungle) … need other, just ask?!
updated PDF tutorial wich includes new way / all steps to reskin / customize every thing in game
(for example interstitial ads in game over page or in start of the game , replacing id’s one time instead of 3 or 6 times etc …)
Full support from me … if you need help / assistance just leave a comment below
you can see that every person buy the code here is satisfied and i always reply to the comments

Features and Requirements

This Are Types Of pug.

  • Wash Your pug in Bath make him clean
  • Clean Up With Towel
  • Clean His Teeth With Brush
  • Cut His Nail
  • dragging the cotton swab to clean the wounds
  • dragging the tweezers to remove the wood splinters
  • Give Him A Injection
  • Scan Him And Clear His Injures  dragging the X-ray machine
  • With stethoscope Check His Heart Is fine
  • 10 medical tools in full game
  • Check His Injures And clear His Injures
  • Choose from tons of options of joyful and fun clothes, funny hats and cool collars
  • Plentiful interesting toys you can choose to make the pet pug happy
  • Each Level You Clear You Earn Your Star

20 November

Android, COCOS2D, iOS